1. Performance and Professional Conduct


All employees are expected to exhibit professional conduct based on respect, honesty, teamwork, and a commitment to achieving the mission of Don't Fah-Get Home Improvements

The following conduct is prohibited and will not be tolerated by Don't Fah-Get Home Improvements.This list of prohibited conduct illustrative only. Other types of conduct injurious to security, personal safety, employee welfare and the Company’s operations may also be prohibited. 


·      We will make sure all of our employees comply to safety, health, and/or security policies, rules and procedures.

·      We do not tolerate using language at work that is abusive, threatening or demeaning toward co-workers and clients.We do not tolerate theft, deliberate or careless damage or destruction of any customer property or the property.

of any employee. 

·      We do not allow sleeping on the job.

·      Unauthorized absence from assigned work location, walking off the job or interference with another employee’s work. 

·      Smoking is not permitted while working. Smoking is permitted only during a break and is allowed only in designated “smoking areas.”  

·      Drinking is not permitted while working and will not be tolerated at any point.

·      We are a service business, our customers’ concerns and thoughts always comes first. Our employees will be polite, courteous, prompt and attentive to every customer. If a situation arises where you do not feel comfortable or capable of handling a situation with our employees our supervisors should be contacted immediately.



·      The safety ofour customers and their belongings,  are our greatest concern. We will provide a clean, healthy and safe place to work. With an alert safety attitude, you can help eliminate painful and costly accidents. 

·      After everyday of work Don't Fah-Get Home Improvements will ensure that the customer’s property is cleaned and in rightful order as instructed by the customer or the supervisor. 

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