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Our goal is to provide our clients excellent customer service when working with them to realize their remodeling ideas from conception to completion. The team of seasoned professionals will work tirelessly to bring what you visualize for your home to life.
Don’t Fah-Get takes great pride in our management expertise and excellent workmanship.
Our commitment to exemplary customer service makes us one of the best choices you’ll ever make for home improvement needs. We offer an array of services including bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Our scheduling system allows us to work with our clients busy lives, they love that we work extremely hard to accommodate their schedules. Clients have unique styles and appreciate input from our experts. Choose Don’t Fah-Get so we can help you design the home of your dreams.
Personalized Approach


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1. Performance and Professional Conduct


All employees are expected to exhibit professional conduct based on respect, honesty, teamwork, and a commitment to achieving the mission of Don't Fah-Get Home Improvements. 

The following conduct is prohibited and will not be tolerated by Don't Fah-Get Home Improvements.This list of prohibited conduct illustrative only. Other types of conduct injurious to security, personal safety, employee welfare and the Company’s operations may also be prohibited. 


·      We will make sure all of our employees comply to safety, health, and/or security policies, rules and procedures.

·      We do not tolerate using language at work that is abusive, threatening or demeaning toward co-workers and clients.We do not tolerate theft, deliberate or careless damage or destruction of any customer property or the property.

of any employee. ·  

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   We do not allow sleeping on the job.

·      Unauthorized absence from assigned work location, walking off the job or interference with another employee’s work. 

·      Smoking is not permitted while working. Smoking is permitted only during a break and is allowed only in designated “smoking areas.”  

·      Drinking is not permitted while working and will not be tolerated at any point.

·      We are a service business, our customers’ concerns and thoughts always comes first. Our employees will be polite, courteous, prompt and attentive to every customer. If a situation arises where you do not feel comfortable or capable of handling a situation with our employees our supervisors should be contacted immediately.



·      The safety of our customers and their belongings,  are our greatest concern. We will provide a clean, healthy and safe place to work. With an alert safety attitude, you can help eliminate painful and costly accidents. 

·      After everyday of work Don't Fah-Get Home Improvements will ensure that the customer’s property is cleaned and in rightful order as instructed by the customer or the supervisor. 

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New York General Contractor (#206581),

Nassau County Home Improvement Contractor (#105386) 

New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor (#13VH09965200),

New Jersey Builder (#050866) 

Certified by the US Department of Labor- Occupational Safety and Health Administration

(OSHA # Pending

EPA/HUD Lead Renovator (R-I-8889-18-01728), 

Asbestos Abatement Supervisor

NY Department of transportation (51855)

New York City’s Minority & Women-Owned Business Enterprises


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